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Worsley bruising Pearce on in-district LD25 fundraising

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While the first round of campaign finance reports paints a limited picture of the closely watched primary race between former Sen. Russell Pearce and his Republican challenger, one thing is clear: Newcomer Bob Worsley is getting the hometown support, while the former Senate president is left wanting.

An inspection of contributions made to each from within the Southeast Valley district shows Worsley besting Pearce by a margin of 25-to-one. When all contributions are counted, Worsley holds a six-to-one margin.

Worsley has received $16,890 in individual and political committee contributions since announcing his candidacy in March of this year. Of the $16,655 that can be traced to the contributors’ address, $7,495, or about 45 percent, comes from inside LD25, while $9,160, or about 55 percent, comes from outside LD25, mostly from Gilbert, Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Meanwhile, Pearce received $2,585 in contributions between February and … Read More »

CD1 candidates raising big money from outside contributors

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The race to fill the open congressional seat in Arizona’s sprawling 1st Congressional District has become an expensive one, with nearly all of the money coming from elsewhere.

Democratic former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick has raised more than $1.3 million since launching her campaign to regain the seat she lost in 2010.

And Republican Jonathan Paton has collected $543,000.

But a closer inspection of their campaign finance reports reveals that only a small slice of their swollen war chests has come from within the district those candidates hope to represent.

Of the campaigns’ itemized contributions, which track those greater than $200, only 1 percent of Paton’s contributions — and only 10 percent of Kirkpatrick’s — comes from inside the expansive rural district.

The low median income in CD1, particularly among the Native American communities that comprise a quarter of the district’s population — and the fact … Read More »

Seeing green: Would-be medical marijuana moguls scramble for piece of the action

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After working for 13 years as a chiropractor in Arizona, Bruce Bedrick made a career shift.

Intrigued by the promise of California’s medical marijuana system, Bedrick founded a company last year that develops ATM-style vending machines that would be installed in dispensaries.

His business plan has yet to be accepted by California regulators, but for Bedrick that’s OK. He’s now trying to get in on the front end of a 21st Century gold rush in Arizona, fueled by the recent passage of Proposition 203, Arizona’s medical marijuana initiative.

Just a few weeks after the come-from-behind victory of Prop. 203, Bedrick finds himself among hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners looking to capitalize on Arizona’s soon-to-be burgeoning medical marijuana industry.

While the state Department of Health Services will be mired in the process of drafting regulations for the industry over the next four months, it’s … Read More »