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Primary results forecast CD9 turf war between Sinema, Parker

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The battle between Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Vernon Parker over Arizona’s new 9th Congressional District will be close.

That’s about where most predictions begin and end.

But while the outcome remains a toss-up, recently released primary election data can offer clues to the tactics that each campaign may employ to try to win the race.

Pearce, Latino Republican group members tied to sham candidate Olivia Cortes

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Last year, Jose Borrajeros, a spokesman for the Arizona Latino Republican Association, recorded a robo call implying Mesa residents could vote for a woman accused of being a sham candidate in the recall election of state Sen. Russell Pearce.

Earlier, Constantinos “Dino’’ Eliades, the association’s vice president, collected signatures for the woman, Olivia Cortes, who dropped out of the race after a judge found she had been recruited to draw votes away from Pearce’s opponent.

Now, the association is playing a key role on behalf of Pearce in his primary campaign against Republican Bob Worsley.

CD1 candidates raising big money from outside contributors

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The race to fill the open congressional seat in Arizona’s sprawling 1st Congressional District has become an expensive one, with nearly all of the money coming from elsewhere.

Democratic former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick has raised more than $1.3 million since launching her campaign to regain the seat she lost in 2010.

And Republican Jonathan Paton has collected $543,000.

But a closer inspection of their campaign finance reports reveals that only a small slice of their swollen war chests has come from within the district those candidates hope to represent.

Of the campaigns’ itemized contributions, which track those greater than $200, only 1 percent of Paton’s contributions — and only 10 percent of Kirkpatrick’s — comes from inside the expansive rural district.

The low median income in CD1, particularly among the Native American communities that comprise a quarter of the district’s population — and the fact … Read More »

Chad Campbell & Amy Love: 2012 Best of the Capitol – Best Hair

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Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell and Amy Love, Legislative Liaison at the Arizona Supreme Court, are the 2012 Best of the Capitol Best Hair award winners. Watch as the two get ready for the 2012 Arizona Capitol Times Best of the Capitol Awards Ceremony

Greg Stanton & Scott Smith: 2012 Best of the Capitol – Best Elected Officials

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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Mesa Mayor Scott Smith are the Arizona Capitol Times’ 2012 Best of the Capitol Best Elected Officials, in the Republican and Democratic categories. Watch the opening sequence for their new hit sitcom “Scott & Greg.”

The border security debate continues

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For nearly a decade now, Arizona politics has been defined by the struggle to stop illegal immigration.

For the past few years, the focus has largely been on pushing for strong “internal enforcement” policies that would make it harder for illegal immigrants to continue living in the state.

SB1070 passed almost two years ago, but additional policies that would alter how schools and hospitals deal with illegal immigrants failed to pass through the Legislature last year.

This year appears to be different, with the focus shifting to the Mexican border in a new way.

A set of bills currently moving through the Legislature would aim to put a volunteer militia on the watch near the Mexican border and begin the enormous project of building a new fence on our southern border.

SB1083 is the bill that would fund a volunteer border militia.

A law created last … Read More »

Microtargeting: Election profiteering or political precision?

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Pete Hanlon likes to save a few bucks when he can. So when the 44-year-old Phoenix resident walks down the dairy aisle, he keeps an eye out for the yellow tags advertising a discount, in return for scanning his plastic grocery discount card.

On one recent trip, he saved $10 on a $90 purchase.

And while Hanlon said he figured the store was keeping track of what he buys, he didn’t realize that — for a hefty price — that sort of detailed consumer data is being leveraged by political campaigns trying to decide whether Hanlon is someone they should target as a persuadable voter or even to hit up for a contribution.

“I remember as a kid hearing that when we grew up we would have bar-codes on our arms that would be scanned before we could buy anything,” Hanlon said. “It … Read More »

Arizona Repackaged

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After a turbulent remapping process, politicos evaluate new landscape

After nearly 18 hours of marathon meetings over two days, the five volunteers tasked with redrawing Arizona’s political boundaries cast their votes on a new legislative map and marked the end of one of the most tumultuous political battles the state has ever seen.

The fight surrounding the Independent Redistricting Commission and its work included allegations of bid-rigging, conspiracy and back-room shenanigans, and ultimately led the governor and the Senate to take the unprecedented step of removing the commission’s chairwoman — only to see the Arizona Supreme Court reverse the move days later.

The conclusion of the redistricting process, shortly after 9 p.m. on Dec. 20, marks the beginning of another type of political fight, however, as candidates can now pull the trigger on campaign plans for 2012.

After holding their collective breaths over the … Read More »

IRC pondering legislative changes

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The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission is considering a handful of changes to its legislative map, including proposals that would add another competitive district.

Grassroots ‘Mormon Fall’ aided Lewis victory

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Though Jerry Lewis was cautious about saying exactly how important the Mormon church was to his campaign, the political newcomer’s upset win over Senate President Russell Pearce largely relied on a quiet, grassroots effort among Mesa’s faithful.

As the final results of the Nov. 8 recall election became clear, Tyler Montague, an integral campaign insider for Lewis, revealed how vital early support was among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“Yes. I can finally say it. From the beginning, we went to stake presidents and bishops to get their support,” Montague said of high-ranking Mormon members.

“I heard someone call it the ‘Mormon Fall,’ and I think that totally fits,” he said, comparing the recall election to the mass protests in North Africa and the Middle East known as the “Arab Spring.”

Their approach: Offer a simple choice to the … Read More »